Lost to Apathy

Lost to Apathy is the fifth EP by Swedish dark melodic death band Dark Tranquility . It was released on November 15, 2004 by Century Media Records . All songs Were Recorded from the Character album, except the live version of “Undo Control” which is from the Previously released Live Damage DVD. The album aussi includes the video for “Lost to Apathy”, produced by Roger Johansson (who Worked with other bands Such us The Haunted , In Flames , and HammerFall ) and Dark Tranquility’s screensaver .

“Lost to Apathy” is on the Alone in the Dark (see page) soundtrack . “TNB Derivation” is a remix of some clean riffs from “The New Build”, “Mind Matters” and “Dry Run”, songs from Character . A shorter version (only the “New Build” riff) can be found at the end of “Through Smudged Lenses”, also in the character album. The EP also includes an industrial remix of “The Endless Feed”.

Track listing

No. title length
1. “Lost to Apathy” 4:37
2. “TNB Derivation” 3:25
3. “The Endless Feed” (Chaos seed remix) 3:56
4. “Undo Control” (Live in Krakow, Poland) 5:25

Multimedia enhancements

No. title length
1. “Lost to Apathy” (video)
2. “Dark Tranquility screensaver”


Dark Tranquility
  • Mikael Stanne – vocals
  • Martin Henriksson – Guitar
  • Niklas Sundin – Guitar
  • Michael Nicklasson – Bass guitar
  • Martin Brändström – keyboards and electronics
  • Anders Jivarp – drums
  • All tracks mastered by Peter In from Betou at Tailor maid
  • Artwork design by Cabin Fever Media

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