Realm of Chaos (album)

Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness is the second album by British death metal band Bolt Thrower . It was recorded at Loco studios in April 1989 and engineered by Tim Lewis . It was mixed at Slaughterhouse Studios in July 1989 and engineered by Colin Richardson . It is produced by Bolt Thrower and Digby Pearson . The cover artwork was produced byGames Workshop . The whole album is closely linked to Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 game background and Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness was the title of a gaming book by Games Workshop released in 1988.

The album was released on Earache Records : Mosh 13 in 1989. In 2005 a re-issue was released by Earache, featuring new artwork. The band notes to buy the re-issue, they have not been involved and will not get royalties.

Realm of Chaos displays a progression from its previous output in speed and riffage. There is a strong focus on blast beats in many of the songs, with chaotic guitar soloing, common in grindcore. Nevertheless, the signature heavy riffing is also apparent. Thus, this is usually considered a death metal album.

Track listing

  • All songs written by Bolt Thrower.
No. title length
1. “Intro” 1:17
2. “Eternal War” 2:08
3. “Through the Eye of Terror” 4:22
4. “Dark Millennium” 2:59
5. “All that Remains” 4:39
6. “Lost Souls Domain” 4:13
7. “Plague Bearer” 2:54
8. “World Eater” 4:55
9. “Drowned in Torment” 3:04
10. “Realm of Chaos” 2:50
11. “Prophet of Hatred” (bonus track CD) 3:52
12. “Outro” 0:59


Bolt Thrower
  • Karl Willetts – Vocals
  • Gavin Ward – Guitars
  • Barry Thompson – Guitars
  • Andrew Whale – Drums
  • Jo Bench – Bass guitar
  • Digby Pearson – Production
  • Colin Richardson – Mix
  • John Blanche – Direction Art
  • Dave Lund – Graphic Design
  • John Sibbick – Front cover artwork
  • Addy Jones – Photography

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